Leverage our exclusive relationships to your advantage

WizioTec's new engagement models to address current realities

As professionals - we wish to work with other professionals and with firms that have high credibility with the hiring teams and their managers. As leaders and pioneers of in our line of business - our engagement with the hiring team is based on our being a professional services firm. Our new, unique and innovative (and Agile inspired) engagement models provide broad coverage to handle all or most of our client's talent search needs. We also encourage clients to engage us on a long-term basis and in many cases on an exclusive terms. As a result we develop an understanding our client's company culture, team composition, projects and their challenges. We are pioneers in provide hiring teams with transparent and constructive analysis of our search efforts. Our recommendations inform our clients on how best they go about fulfilling their strategic objective. Given our people, processes and proprietary technology - coupled with our experience and knowledge of local job markets, the clients trust us by taking our advice and suggestions.  Again because we are a professional services firm - it enables to us to be transparent with our clients. This is because both of us have a common objective and conclusion of a successful hire.

Most technology professionals prefer to work with search companies who are focused on their respective area of expertise. WizioTec focus on hiring technology professionals and we work with wide range of companies in various domains. As a result we understand the current demands of any given domain. Our experienced account managers can provide valuable suggestions and advice.


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