Sampling of WizioTec's client successes

A successful mid-size product company seeking multi-talented engineers and technical managers with specialized skills in software and firmware for dynamic electro-mechanical systems.

The Situation and the Challenge: We were initially invited by the VP of software engineering to help find a talented engineer. They were not able to fill that particular position - even after working with a couple of highly reputed local and national agencies for many months.

What we did: Using the combined power of WizTalent and using the skills of our search specialists we were able to present a slate of 3 qualified candidate within the first week of our engagement. All of them were interviewed by the client. We incorporated the feedback that we received from the submission of the first batch. We then got back to the client within another week with 2 fully screened candidates.

The Result: One out of the 2 final submissions was made an offer - which was accepted.

What happened next: Impressed with our turnaround times and our operational abilities, the client invited us to help them build teams with other groups. These included electro-mechanical engineering, core R&D, professional services and client solutions groups. We then worked with the client and their HR team over many months on all their open positions - successful delivered on all of them. We vastly out-performed all of their traditional and marquee recruitment agencies.

Why we succeed:  As an Agile inspired company - we regularly do retrospectives. We intent to retain and repeat what we do right and improve upon or change what we don't. So we honestly and directly asked ourselves after this client engagement - "why did we succeeded ?" Our sincere answer was, because:

  • We were tenacious; we were not willing to give up so easily.

  • We continued to remain engaged with the hiring managers and fine tuned our mutual understanding of our challenges - even when we did not succeed the first time around.

  • We changed our tactics, approach and the places we looked for talent - based on our finer and more granular understanding of the requirement.


A publicly traded mid-size network product company was seeking a senior techno-commercial professional to enhance their offering in the mobile service provider market space.

The Situation and the Challenge: The client was wanting to fill an important techno-commercial position. They were attempting to do this all by themselves for quite sometime without making any progress. We came to know about their situation somewhat in the passing. We spoke to the concerned hiring manager and discussed on what their challenges were. We then wondered if they might be interested in utilizing our services. After some initial pondering among themselves - they eventually decided to utilize our services.

What we did: We then met the Hiring manager for a detailed discussion. He helped us understand the challenges of the role and its responsibilities. Based on that information and our analysis we were able to quickly identify the elements that were critical to our client. We then identified and reached out to candidates who met the criteria. We shortlisted a couple of compelling candidates within a week of our engagement.

The Result: Two of the identified candidates were interviewed and one of them was made an offer - which was accepted.

What happened next: After seeing our ability to deliver the right talent with a quick-turn around - we were then asked to help with with a whole host of other positions. We then worked on finding critical and senior level talent for their other technology groups and were successfully able to execute upon them.


A global "top 5" software company was seeking an experienced senior "Program Manager" with expertise to handle development of their core commercial products.

The Challenge: The engineering development group of the company had hired a dedicated team of internal and external recruiters to fill some of their most senior level roles including that of a Principle Program Manager and a Chief Software Architect. The recruitment team were not very successful in identifying the right matches that the hiring manager was looking for. The search was on-going for a period of many months - and the lack of the right resources were beginning to worry their senior management. It was also impacting their 'time to market'. This is where WizoTec came in.

What we did: The client talent acquisition managers met with our team and discussed at length about their requirements and their challenges. We took great pains to understand what they were looking for. Within the first week of our engagement we were able to identify and present a few compelling candidates. The hiring team was still not satisfied and were looking for more seasoned players. However, the detailed client  feedback provided us with critical information that helped us to re-formulate, re-calibrate and fine-tune our search strategy.

The Result: The next set of candidates submitted in following weeks were all interviewed. One was made an offer - which was accepted.

What happened next: Our client manager informed us that we were the only external agency who had any degree of success in assisting the company in finding the talent that they were looking for. Based on this experience, the client signed a long-term contract with us. We were able to facilitate hiring for many more senior level engineering positions for them.


A mid-size software product company needed senior and seasoned solution architects and consultants to spearhead customer implementations and increase their product footprint in the marketplace.
The Challenge: The client was a newly rejuvenated professional services group of a well respected product company - wanting to enhance their product implementation capabilities in the US and Canada. The major challenges for hiring into this group are
  • strong hands-on experience using their software.

  • customer facing skills.

  • willingness for extensive travel.

What we did: Our search efforts were focused on western regions of US & Canada, where they had concentration of active software implementations.

The Result: We successfully delivered ready-to-interview candidates, and many of those eventually went on to get hired by the company.

What happened next: We made sure that we kept our  communications open with both parties to ensure no surprises during the whole process. We therefore were able to assist the client in negotiating a mutually agreeable offer and helped with critical joining formalities.


World renowned hospital & academic center needed an exemplary project managers with hands-on healthcare application implementation experience.

The Challenge: The hiring manager was the director of PMO. He needed "can-do" project managers with successful experience in implementing projects in an hospital environment. He also wanted people who could deal with with its unique characteristics as a academic hospital. Additional challenge was compensation. He needed someone who was willing to compromise on salary for many excellent benefits offered.

What we did: We had a detailed conversation with the hiring manager to understand the requirement. Client was looking to hire someone local who were excellent IT project managers. The special emphasis, as we understood it, was on a hands-on experience with hospital management domain. The ability to deal with the stakeholders in such an environment was critical.

The Result: once we understood the constraints and restrictions - our search team was able to locate suitable candidates in a short duration and facilitate successful hires.



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